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Frequent Replacement

Frequent Replacement Contact Lenses? How Frequent Is Frequent?

As a full-service provider of eye care near Colombia, our mission is to treat each person as an individual. In order to do that, our optometrist needs to assess each new patient's vision. Your first visit is usually spent in a comprehensive eye exam conducted by our eye doctor and our staff. Once we know a patient's specific needs, we want to offer choices that best fit those needs. We offer many different types of contact lenses for our patients. One of the most popular types is frequent replacement lenses. 


The History of Frequent Replacement Lenses

Soft contact lenses were a revolutionary development in optometry when hydrogel lenses were first introduced in the 1970s. Soft and flexible when wet, this plastic material could absorb 40% of water, making them an excellent candidate for contact lenses that could be shaped and molded to fit the eyeball. First known as soft lenses, they were quickly embraced by those who felt imprisoned behind eyeglasses. Furthermore, they set the course for nearly half a century of comfort and choice.

Frequent Replacement Is a Flexible Term

Daily disposable contact lenses hit the optometry market by storm in the mid-1990s when users discovered how convenient they were. At the time of their approval, the FDA defined disposable as meaning "use once and discard." Still, over the years, the technical meaning of disposable has been stretched to mean any lens that would be replaced on a planned replacement basis. Today's current popular connotation, frequent replacement, fits the bill.

Why Frequent Replacement Lenses Are Such a Popular Choice

Daily lenses were popular time savers since they could be discarded after each use. Frequent replacement lenses, which depending on the prescribed replacement schedule of the particular lenses, can be used for 7 to 30 days before replacing them with a new pair. While they may not be as convenient, these contacts do come with advantages, including:

  • Their cleaning does not need the use of enzymatic solutions
  • They are available in prescriptions that correct near and far-sighted vision and as toric lenses suited for astigmatism 
  • Some types help wearers over the age of 40 see while reading

Contact Us to Find Out If Frequent Replacement Lenses Are a Good Fit for You

If you're wondering whether you're a suitable candidate for frequent replacement lenses, our optometrist in Columbia at Palmetto Eye Care can let you know for sure. First, we will have to examine your eyes and what type of contacts are right for you. We will also take measurements to customize your lens prescription to suit your eye's shape and the degree of vision correction you need. If you need quality eye care, call our team today to see how we can help. 

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